young motherhood

The same story can be told a thousand times, but that doesn’t mean that it’s true.

Started in 2013, Young Motherhood is a project with a simple aim: to smash the stereotypes about young mums that we're all too familiar with and celebrate the triumphs of young mums across Britain.

The first public glimpse of the project came in 2014 with a preview exhibition in South London that drew a crowd and packed out the small exhibition space. The full exhibition followed at Rich Mix, bethnal Green, opening in December 2014 and running into the new year. In January 2015 young motherhood made an appearance at The House of Commons, at an event sponsored by MPs Teresa Pearce and Kate Green.

In 2017 we released the hardback and digital editions of 'Young Motherhood: the triumphs, the challenges, the truth' with a series of short films to follow. The book edition of Young Motherhood is the first opportunity to read the amazing stories of the 24 participants in full, while the series of films tackles the top myths and talking points associated with young mothers in society today.

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